Whats the Difference between CBD and THC?

Whats the difference between CBD and THC

If you are currently asking the question; what is the difference between CBD and THC, you probably know at least a little about Marijuana, Cannabis, Hemp and their relationship with both CBD and THC.  In this short article we will try to keep things sweet and simple. 

Cannabis Hemp and Marijuana

To gain a quick understanding of this we first have to know more about the Cannabis Family.  

CBD and THC are both endocannabinoids that derive from the Cannabis Plant and as shown on the graphic to the right, there are two primary species of Cannabis; Hemp and Marijuana.  Quite different in appearance and very different in terms of how much CBD and THC each contains:

  • Hemp – 20%+ CBD Less than 0,3% THC
  • Marijuana – 10%+ CBD More than 20% THC

Now we know that CBD and THC are found in both Hemp and Marijuana but CBD which comes from the Hemp Plant contains a lot less THC (The psychoactive element) and much more CBD (non psychoactive) we just have to understand why they act so differently in the body.

At this point we would like to confirm that 100% of Olivers CBD comes from Hemp.


CBD and THC are identical in the molecular structure of the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms, however the difference in how the atoms are arranged accounts for the different effects they have on your body.  Our own body’s endocannabinoids are chemically similar to THC and CBD which in turn allows them to interact very well with our cannabinoid receptors.

THC has a psychoactive effect on the body (producing a high or sense of euphoria) by binding with the brains CB1 receptors, whereas CBD is non psychoactive which mean no “high”.  In fact CBD binds very poorly with the brains CB1 receptors and has been shown to interfere with the binding process of THC and therefore lessen the psychoactive effects.

In short: THC equals a high or euphoric feeling.  CBD means no “high”.

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