10ml CBD Drops 10% Sativa


CBD Drops 10% – Organic Hemp Seed Oil

  • 10ml Bottle
  • Approx 200 Drops
  • 5mg CBD per Drop
  • 1000mg of CBD Total
  • Organic Whole Plant Extract
  • Organic Hemp Oil
  • Less than 0.2% THC

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Oliver’s CBD DROPS come in 10 ml glass bottles with pipettes. We offer various strengths in the standard bottle, which contains a combination of organic C02 extracted cannabis compound and cold pressed hemp seed oil.  Using hemp is particularly useful to vegans as it contains the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids, and is recognised as one of the plant food kingdoms top protein super foods.

All of Oliver’s CBD percentages are 100% accurate, we also guarantee they are fully certified, and free from artificial dyes, scents, toxins and heavy metals.


Additional Information


  • 1000mg Whole Plant Extract – Indica
  • 9000mg Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

You should consult your doctor before stopping or taking CBD alongside any other medicines.

We are so confident that you will benefit from Oliver’s CBD, we offer our 100% no quibbles money-back guarantee.


How to Take

Oliver’s suggest you take 1-2 drops under the tongue, once or twice daily.

Always start with a lower dosage and increase until you find the CBD Oil works for you.  We all have different Endocannabinoid systems and can react differently with CBD,

Ensure there is a two hour window between taking Oliver’s CBD and any other current medication.



What proof is there that CBD works? 

There has been a huge increase in research and trials of CBD for humans, which have shown in our CBD for humans FAQ’s.  Research and trials are still evolving. This means that we mainly look towards anecdotal evidence and results from human trials when it comes to CBD products.  We have developed Oliver’s products from our own experiences, including our 12 year old GSD having a new lease of life and enabled him to sleep at night.
Those personal experiences have now evolved into our family business helping others and their pets.

Is CBD Safe?

Cannabidiol or CBD is sourced from specific Industrial Hemp Plants that are cultivated to provide health benefits and not the so-called “Highs”. It’s only recently that scientific research has fully discovered the health benefits of the nutritional supplement.  CBD is widely used to support health and well being it is non-intoxicating, and non-addictive and therefore clinically shown to be safe and legal to use in the vast majority of Europe and many countries across the world.

In November 2017 the World Health Organisation produced a report concluding that that “CBD is non-addictive in Humans, and exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential”.


And according to a recent article by WebMD, “CBD is well tolerated and safe for human consumption”.


Is CBD Legal?

Yes CBD is Legal.  Recently there has been a maze of confusion around the use of CBD and its legality, and the latest news is that CBD is 100% legal to use in the UK and most of Europe.

What is the best way to take CBD?

This is entirely down to personal preference. However, each of our products come with a tailor-made a set of instructions on the best use of our product.

So really, it depends on which product you purchase and what you are comfortable with. Oils are to be dropped under the tongue with the recommended dosage – all our oils come with both a pipette. Capsules are to be taken orally and to be swallowed with water.

For pets we have found that most dogs enjoy the flavour of our treats, however if for some reason your pet wont eat them you can administer our pet tinctures by placing the required number of drops on their meat or a biscuit they enjoy.

Why are people and pets taking CBD?

CBD products are becoming more popular by the day as more and more people are discovering the benefits of this amazing substance.

CBD can be used to supplement the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is the same process of how vitamins boost the immune system. The ECS is the human bodies’ main regulatory system and contains receptors that help balance our immune system and central nervous system.

When will the effects begin?

This depends on which product you are using. Drops are absorbed quicker, whereas Capsules typically have a slower release. Our Balm, Mousse and Body Butter should begin to take effect within 10-15 minutes.

How do I know which products are best for me or my pet?

This all comes down to personal preference, if you would like a slower release throughout the day, we would recommend our Capsules. If you would prefer a faster absorption, we recommend trying out Oral drops which are taken under the tongue. We would recommend the muscle balm for post-sports workouts and recovery.  For pets we recommend you have a look at our CBD Dosage Chart for Pets page where we give advice based on the size and weight of your pet.  The dosage can be given via our CBD Treats or Pet Tinctures.


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