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Hi, my name is Millie, and I am the inspiration for all the products we make at Oliver’s.  All my home-made CBD products are produced in our off grid farm house facility deep in the mountains of Valencia, where we are surrounded by natural grape vines, olive groves and almond trees.

My journey began when I had run out of options using formal medication to relieve chronic pain from hip dysplasia and osteo-athritis (nothing seemed to be strong enough to ease my pain).

I could no longer walk unaided and sleeping at night was practically impossible.  It was affecting my mental health and my level of depression had also become severe (where I was trying to reduce my medication).  Being ex-military I was dubious at first of trying CBD as I was against any form of illegal drugs (I soon learnt that CBD from Hemp is not Marijuana, does not give you a high and is legal).  

I started using CBD and found an oil strong enough for my pain threshold.  Finally, I could sleep at night as it reduced the intensity of the chronic pain, along with concentrating on my well being I withdrew from anti-depressants. In February 2018 I had a hip replacement and from there I only needed something to help deal with the scar tissue. My interest and knowledge of CBD then lead to researching topical products and producing one that could support my tissue pain and skin recovery.  I initially expanded the range of topicals to help family and friends with various problems.  Oliver’s CBD has now grown but we remain passionate and committed to bringing high quality home-made products to others in the hope we can help others and their pets.

Our Pets

Our numerous pets are also part of the family and after watching our beloved 12 year old GSD (Zeus – banner image) develop hip dysplasia & arthritis in his old age we researched, developed and have now introduced Oliver’s range of CBD for pets.  

We had been giving Zeus prescribed medicine from the vet, which helped initially but caused tummy upset and needing a higher dosage through time  had meant increased expense.

I then researched how to combine beneficial ingredients of CBD, Turmeric, Glucosamine, Coconut Oil and Oilve Oil into tasty health bursting dog treats, which could be easily taken in a single dose.  The improvement in Zeus has been remarkable, although we are fully aware of his limitations due to his age and condition, he has an extended lease of life and is able to walk with our other dogs (all be it a little slower) and he is no longer crying out at night in pain. 

Another member of our family is Max a 2 year old GSD cross and due to living in the mountains he is not the most sociable of dogs and is easily scared and anxious by the outside world, which can make him reactive to other dogs.  We give Max CBD 30 minutes before needed, and it has shown positive results in calming him down for training whilst making him less stressed in situations he finds daunting, such as meeting other dogs and car rides. Our little dachshund Rollo is a rescue dog and so far doesn’t need anything other than the good mountain life!

Our Mission

We are dedicated to bringing affordable high quality CBD products to our customers. The benefits of CBD for people and their pets is a great passion and we currently support local rescue centres with our products to help them keep the costs down of traditional treatment. 

We continue to look at intuitive ways to offer you the very best CBD products, with our main focus on helping improve the  well being of our customers and their pets.

Not only do I volunteer and fund raise for local rescue centres, I also supply products free of charge to help reduce vet bills.

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